Solar Geyser (Low Pressure) 100L

Low pressure solar geysers are ideal for farms,holiday cottages, out buildings, camping or any site which doesn't get municipal water (High Pressure). One can even install a low pressure valve, and install a low pressure geyser on a existing high pressure water system, to reduce the pressure to 100kpa.

R 3999,00

save 50
excludes installationNormally 50% of your electricity bill is for heating water in a standard electric geyser, so you can reduce the electricity bill by up to 50%, just by installing a Solar Geyser, which uses the sun to heat the water.

Our geysers are super insulated, and the water will still be warm after 4 days without sun, as long as new cold water doesnt fill the geyser.

You can also install a manual filling system by installing a "stop cock", and only filling the geyser on sunny days, thus preventing cold water entering the tank and diluting the hot water with cold water. This will prevent the water temperature from dropping. In this way you can have hot/warm water for 4 days without sun.